Both Eno boards and SmartBoards are interactive whiteboards. Here are some links for maximizing their use in the classroom.
*Eno board users: Link for installing Eno board software on your computer is here - note you will also need the Eno board kit (pen, USB dongle, in a black box - if you do not have this please send an email to so we can order one)
*Eno board Pairing tutorial video is here.
Starter activities here
9 videos on using Interactive Whiteboards are here.
101 ways to use Interactive Whiteboards here.
Stages of Interactive Whiteboard use in the classroom
Promethean Planet – collect of resources, lesson plans
Podcasts of interactive whiteboard lesson plans
Collection of links, examples, ideas on using Interactive White boards:
More lesson plans and ideas
Elementary level interactive whiteboard lessons by subject
Interactive Whiteboard resources for reading, math,
Large list of interactive white board lessons, by subject
Kathy Schrock’s links to interactive white board resources